Seville Magazine Holder Review

If you want to store your magazines and other home items in a very neat way, the Seville Magazine Rack by spectrum is absolutely a great find.  It is perfect if you are in the hunt for a magazine holder that is modern looking while being slim enough to fit even the tiniest spaces.


Seville Magazine Holder Main Features

This magazine holder from Spectrum is certainly something that will serve you for a long time.  So, if you are in the hunt for a reliable home organizer and decor all in one, take a look at these main features:

  • It is made from solid metal for robust construction
  • It offers a huge capacity not only for magazines, but other items as well as such as newspapers and other folders and files
  • It can be folded away when you are not using it which makes way for more space
  • It comes with a solid black finish for a more streamlined look
  • Product dimensions are as follows: 15.4” by 5.6” by 13.5” and weighs about 2.3 pounds

Pricing of Seville Magazine Holder

Seville Magazine Rack

This Seville magazine holder is extremely simple, yet stylish in design.  In fact, you might think this item comes with a price tag of $40 or more, but fortunately you will be surprised.  With a price tag of only $17.99 it is a great buy.  On Amazon you can get this magazine holder for only $16.97.  If you combine that with a few other items for free shipping it is a great bargain.

Seville Magazine Holder – A Closer Look

This magazine holder is a perfect buy especially if you are limited on space.  This can work perfectly in any home or office and help prevent clutter.  Spectrum is a company renowned for producing small, but wonderful gadgets.  This is certainly one of their great products.  This magazine holder  stands out among other similar products.  This one is made from top quality plastics, heavier metals, robust castings, and thicker coating.

What you will love about this product is that it requires no assembly and it is sturdy enough to hold about 6 or 7 magazines and still look nice.  Yet, if you intend to store more than that you will probably need a larger holder.  Nevertheless, this magazine holder does what it is intended for.  It may not be the largest and most spacious holder around, but it is perfect for most people.  If you live in a small home or your office you may not have enough space to accommodate a huge magazine holder.

One drawback with this product is that the rods are positioned too far from each other to permit storage of other items.  It is not good for holding mail or remote controls for example.  It is meant to be a magazine holder and it does this job well.

Pricing of Seville Magazine Holder

Overall, the Seville Magazine Holder is an incredible buy.  It may not be the cheapest and biggest rack on the market, but it is certainly among the most stylish, modern, and functional.  Feel free to head over to Amazon right now and pick up our very own Seville Magazine Holder.

Household Essentials Banana Leaf Magazine Holder Review

The Household Essentials Banana Leaf Magazine holder is certainly the perfect storage container if you are looking for something to add a natural touch to your home decor.  It works perfectly for organizing your magazines and also functions as a decorative item.  This makes it worthy of a closer look.

HE Banana Leaf Magazine Holder Main Features

This magazine holder is a great way to add a rustic appearance to your home interior.  This item will certainly look great along with your favorite table and chair, in the bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else in the house.  It can also be used as a place to store your, remote controls, mail, and other items.  This product comes with the following features:

  • It is entirely made from hand woven banana leaves
  • It is proven to be mildew and mold resistant through various humidity and coating tests
  • It comes with a rust resistant inner steel wire for extra durability and strength
  • It comes with a divider that has a built in handle so you can easily carry it from place to place
  • Product dimensions are as follows: 16” by 10.25” by 10″

Pricing of Banana Leaf Magazine Holder

This magazine holder is a bit more expensive than the typical magazine holder that you may see on the market.  This is due to the fact that this product is made from purely natural materials and hand crafted.  Amazon is currently having a sale on this magazine holder.  So, instead of paying $29.99, you can get this fabulous product for only $24.54.  This is a savings of 18% which is truly remarkable!

HE Banana Lead Magazine Holder – A Closer Look

Household Essentials Banana Leaf Magazine Rack

This wicker magazine holder can surely give your home a different appeal and feel.  It is fairly large and roomy for a magazine holder allowing you to store loads of items in it while still being spacious.  It looks good anywhere like on the kitchen counter or next to any piece of furniture that you may have.  With this banana leaf magazine holder you can reduce all the clutter in your home.

Pricing of Banana Leaf Magazine Holder

You may worry that this product wont last long before falling apart,  but this magazine holder is surprisingly sturdy and durable and last a long time.  The divider in the middle acts as a support helping to keep the holder standing nicely even when loaded with a lot of items.  Even though it offers a lot space,  it is very slim looking.  The texture is also very distinct and stylish making it worth every penny.

Overall, the Household Essentials Banana Leaf Magazine holder deserves a perfect five star rating!  It is of remarkable quality and design.  Along with being a natural looking piece of decor it is also extremely functional.  It makes organizing all your items easier and more simple.  On top of all this it has a very neat and robustness look that may not be expected from a product made from a banana leaf.  If you are looking for a way to organize your reading material hop on amazon and get yourself a Household Essentials Banana Leaf Magazine holder today!

Rubbermaid 40406ros Techfile Plastic Magazine Holder

Do you feel you have a lot of clutter in your home or office?  Old files, magazines, and other reading materials can cause a lot of mess.  So how about finding a way to organize such things.  So, if you are in the hunt for something that can make your life a bit more organized, the Rubbermaid 40406ROS Techfile Plastic Magazine Holder is definitely a great pick.

Rubbermaid 40406ROS Techfile Magazine Holder

Pricing of Techfile Magazine Holder

This Rubbermaid magazine holder is one of the cheapest, yet functional holder you will find on the market.  This is the perfect way to put your papers, old magazines, and other books into a a perfect organized table placement.  Prevent your home or office from being an eyesore by letting things fall out of place.  This magazine holder comes with the following key features:

  • It can be used vertically or horizontally depending on your needs
  • It also comes with a finger hole located at the back to make it easier to pull out from a shelf
  • It also has several square holes throughout this product to let stored items breathe and prevent offensive odor and moisture build-up
  • It is made from high quality plastic material that is sturdy enough to hold heavy items
  • It also comes with a magazine file
  • Product dimensions are as follows:  9.8” by 2.9” by 11.5”

The Rubbermaid 40406ROS is certainly one of the most affordable magazine holders that you can buy.  It’s listing price is $4.24 each, but you can get it at $3.88 a piece if you purchase it on Amazon.  You may also become available for free shipping if you spend $25 in one order.  What a terrific way to get organized and de-clutter!

Rubbermaid 40406ROS – A Closer Look

Rubbermaid 40406ros Techfile Plastic Magazine File

This magazine holder from Rubbermaid is truly a nice storage item and very cheap too.  These work perfectly for stacks of magazines and other reading materials with holes for quick referencing.  You can label each holder according to the category you want or even by dates perhaps.

Pricing of Techfile Magazine Holder

This item is not that fancy, but it does not look awful either.  The look is simple and sleek which gives that streamlined look at an affordable price.  It s also sturdy enough to last for a long time despite being cheap.  Although you may find the holed walls to be a disadvantage since magazine’s edges may hit the sides when interesting the magazine, but this product is designed that way to allow for your stored items to breathe.

Overall, the Rubbermaid 40406ROS magazine holder is a great purchase.  It is not expensive, but it looks good, lasts long, and has plenty of uses as well.  So you may not mind getting a dozen of these or even more to keep your home or office more organized.  You could spend hundreds of dollars on big bulky shelves or even on bookshelves but you will never match the versatility of have a collection of magazine holders.  Instead of having such bulky items store all your items in one spot these things can provide organization in your whole house while still providing yourself with reading materials in multiple locations.